WIR 4/14-4/20

Wednesday 4/14: Fish Crow, Hermit Thrush, and not too much else at Falzone/West Meadow.

Thursday 4/15: Expected towhee, kestrel, Field Sparrow at Hanscom. No luck with a meadowlark or much else. Savannah Sparrows at Gaining Ground on the walk over.

Friday 4/16: Nothing of note on the res, nothing at Flint’s or Nine Acre, Tree Swallows in the snow at Hardy.

Saturday 4/17: Even less on the res. Great Egret at Fresh Pond was nice (and it was one of 5 new birds for me there, finally over 100). Nothing at Blair Pond or the duck ponds.

Sunday 4/18: Started at the Winthrop Greenway, which was fairly quiet. Stopped at Pico for oystercatcher and Revere Beach for Manx Shearwater (and got the Glaucous Gull without trying). Quick check of Earhart on the way home had a Harbor Seal.

Monday 4/19: Took the morning to work the Sudbury. Heard Pond had lots of Palms and Yellow-rumps plus a Bank Swallow. Water Row had another egret, a PB Grebe, a Merlin, and a harrier. Quick check of the res had 2 Bufflehead and a PB Grebe. Stopped at Waltham St and the ibis was flying around and visible from the car.

Tuesday 4/20: No solitaire or much else at Mt. Auburn. Did have a kinglet in the yard.