WIR 4/28-5/4

Wednesday 4/28: Arlington Res had FOY Chimney Swift (‘commute’ #100!), Black-and-white Warbler, and Northern Waterthrush plus parula, lots of Yellow-rumps, a Purple Finch, etc.

Thursday 4/29: Yellow Warbler at Cookson, Warbling Vireo, Black-and-white, waterthrush, etc by Watertown Square.

Friday 4/30: Nothing much at the res. Kestrel at Hobbs Brook was somehow a patch bird (183). Had a few minutes still so walked up to Shade St. New trails have been cut but I only had time for the fire land, RB Grosbeak about it. Turkey in the yard later.

Saturday 5/1: Alewife, had almost 50 species on the north side then could barely find anything along the bike trail. Night-Heron and Rough-winged Swallows got me to 150 in Cambridge (minus Mt. Auburn), also most of the same warblers that have been in, a Green Heron, gnatcatcher, etc. Nothing at Blair Pond after.

Sunday 5/2: FOYs at Westborough WMA included oriole, Nashville, yellowthroat, YT Vireo. Nashville and RW Swallow were Worcester county birds as well. BT Blue and Yellow-rump in the yard later.

Monday 5/3: Eagle was the only thing of note at the res on the way to jury duty. Got out around noon, so made a loop of Horn Pond, which was pretty quiet for birds but had first Common Green Darner of the year plus a few butterflies.

Tuesday 5/4: Veery was new for the Charles at Forest Grove, plus Purple Finches and a few more patch commute year birds.