WIR 5/5-5/11

Wednesday 5/5: Gnatcatcher, Nashville, Black-and-white east of Watertown Sq (and Great Black-backed Gull was probably more interesting seasonally). Common Merganser by the dam with a waterthrush and couple other things. After seeing the waterbird fallout numbers from western MA, gave the res a quick look in the afternoon. Loon was the only thing of note and nothing on Hardy (although scoping the swallows may have added something if it wasn’t raining as hard).

Thursday 5/6: Finally got out to School St. Ibis flock remained plus yellowlegs, Spotted and Least Sandpiper, a pipit, and a Broad-wing. Another Spotted at Nine Acre but not much else in a quick drive around. Nothing at Flint’s, res, or Hardy either.

Friday 5/7: Reasonably good at BBN, 50+ species including 10 warblers plus FOY Wood Thrush and kingbird. Wish I got a bit more on what was surely a siskin. Something in there was #100 for the commute patch year list too.

Saturday 5/8: Attempted Squantum for the ebird big day. Started with a quick stop at Wollaston Beach for the Piping Plover then went to Squantum Point Park. Orchard Oriole was Norfolk #199. Also White-crowned Sparrow, a hummingbird, and a couple other things but not much. Squaw Rock was quiet. Orchard Beach had a couple terns and an oystercatcher. Quick stop at the marshes had egrets and yellowlegs. Res on the way home had a pile of swifts and 8 swans.

Sunday 5/9: Even though I would be too early in the day most likely, went to Two Rod to try for boghaunters. No luck with any odes but 13+ warblers including Prairie and Blackburnian plus a Broad-wing and what had to have been a calling loon overhead. Also would have been nice to get the very Worm-eating like triller to show in Concord.

Monday 5/10: Arlington Res was dead, Solitary the only thing new.

Tuesday 5/11: Usual migrants at BBN, Ovenbird singing from the yard.