WIR 5/12-5/18

Wednesday 5/12: No YT Warbler or Summer Tanager at Mt. Auburn, Chestnut-sided new for the year about it.

Thursday 5/13: FOY Indigo Bunting and Scarlet Tanager plus a few other things at Weston Station Pond, although not as much as I had hoped. Orchard Oriole singing as I passed the res on the way home.

Friday 5/14: Orchard Oriole, redstart by the Braille Trail. Cape May by the pool, which was a patch bird for the Charles.

Saturday 5/15: Birdathon, repeated last year’s on foot attempt. Only had 70, which probably means last year’s was a good effort and not much higher is likely unless something dries out and gets shorebirds. Highlights were 2 Tennessee, a Bay-breasted, and Least Flycatcher.

Sunday 5/16: Did a loop of Mary Cummings, fairly quiet (and looked like that pretty much everywhere). Did have a Bay-breasted and a couple White-crowns. Saw a report of Lesser Yellowlegs in front of the Y, so stopped there on the way home, found 2 Solitaries. Had time to check the res too, loon was out in the middle but not much else.

Monday 5/17: Habitat was hopping. Blackpoll, Bay-breasted, Cape May, Blackburnian among 14 warblers plus a Swainson’s Thrush and 50+ species in total.

Tuesday 5/18: Bit slower at Tanner’s Brook. Another Bay-breasted was new for Lincoln. Also passed 1000 on my local towns yearlist project.