WIR 5/19-5/25

Wednesday 5/19: Chased the Golden-wing around Mt. Auburn for half the morning, eventually got fair views. Commute #239! Also Canada, a dull Swainson’s Thrush, etc. Bay-breasted in the yard too.

Thursday 5/20: Alder Flycatcher and a weasel were about it at Dunback.

Friday 5/21: No migrants east of Watertown Square. None at the square either, but the heron show was better than expected.

Saturday 5/22: Started at Hall’s Pond where a Canada Warbler was #200 in Norfolk. Couldn’t decide on a next spot, ended up at Lost Pond which was pretty quiet (FOY Whitetail) only to see that most of the other spots I was thinking about had at least one bird I needed for the county.

Sunday 5/23: Led my first walk in ages, a BBC one at Great Meadows. Group (probably) had Least Bittern, plus YB Cuckoo and most of the expected birds. Also FOY whitefaces and a few other odes and some Laphria mating.

Monday 5/24: Hanscom didn’t have a ton, did get most of the Bedford year birds I wanted. Also a few more odes, some Syrphids, etc.

Tuesday 5/25: Quietish at Forest Grove, Willow Flycatcher and a couple Orchard Orioles about the most interesting.