WIR 5/26-6/1

Wednesday 5/26: Arlington Res had too much construction, so went to McClennen which had mowers. Quick run around there then had time for the res, which had a fox running along Old County.

Thursday 5/27: Got the merganser along the Charles (stay another few days), plus a redstart.

Friday 5/28: Usual stuff at Farm Meadow, Bobolinks are always enjoyable.

Saturday 5/29: Pretty nasty, but a NE wind. Swallows at the res, more swallows at Great Meadows. Decided it wasn’t too bad so walked a bit, Least BIttern flew off to the left and then a perched Purple Martin to the right!

Sunday 5/30: Earhart/Draw Seven were quiet, did eventually get one tern. Stopped at Arlington Res briefly and had a Least Sandpiper, then a ton of Chimney Swifts at Hardy Pond.

Monday 5/31: One more attempt at storm-related birds, starting at Farm Pond in Framingham. Nothing brought in, but an Orchard Oriole and a few others were new for Framingham, so over 90 there now. Heard Pond looked dead, decided to do the gardens instead of Heard Farm. Usual stuff there, but ran into Brian on the way out who tipped me off about possibly nesting crossbills nearby. No luck today, but I’ll keep an eye (did need them for the month though, so a bit disappointing). Did hear a Barred Owl and Pileated while waiting.

Tuesday 6/1: BBN, plan was to loop the woods for cuckoos. Passing the marsh, a Sora started ker-weeing, so I stopped and tried to get a  view (impossible there). While waiting, a Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren started calling too! Eventually did the loop including out to the Concord Ave marsh but nothing exciting elsewhere.

That’s patch #187 and Waltham #224.