WIR 6/2-6/8

Wednesday 6/2: Nothing much at Falzone or West Meadow.

Thursday 6/3: Had a work thing, so tried for crossbills again. No luck, not too much else there either. Quick check of Heard Pond had nothing.

Friday 6/4: Pretty quiet around Watertown Square, redstart the only thing of interest. Water level was too high for the merganser’s rock, hope it’s still around.

Saturday 6/5: Did a Worcester county run. Started at Bolton Flats. The shorebird show had moved on but got the bittern and the overdue county Willow Flycatcher plus Bank Swallow, Hooded Merganser, etc. Continued to the Pine Hill Grasslands where both Vesper and Grasshopper Sparrows were fairly easy. Also lots of raptors and a few butterflies and dragonflies. Decided to try for the hybrid warbler in Upton next, although it was getting hot and was a bit further away than I realized. Heard but not seen unfortunately. Ton of odes around including a Swamp Darner. Then traffic going home.

Sunday 6/6: Winchester was the lowest of my local towns year list project (apparently hadn’t been there since March), so went to boost that a bit today. Started at the North Reservoir in the Fells. Fairly decent variety including two holes in the overall town list (Ovenbird and RB Grosbeak, I said holes). Also lots of Stream Cruisers and stuff. Went to Sandy Beach next, but the parking lot was overflowing, so I just went to Arlington Res instead. No shorebirds there and nothing around Cambridge Res.

Monday 6/7: Early loop of Rock Meadow was pretty quiet. FOY Monarch and European Skippers.

Tuesday 6/8: Nothing unexpected at College Pond.