WIR 6/9-6/15

Wednesday 6/9: Started at Hobbs Brook. Chestnut-sided sang and flew past me not too far from where one seemed to set up a couple years ago. Prairie was singing at the power lines. Did the Shade St trails after, nothing of note there. Still had a few minutes so stopped at Hardy and had a Ruddy.

Thursday 6/10: Hanscom had the usual.

Friday 6/11: Nothing at Cookson, the merganser was back at the dam.

Saturday 6/12: Started at Belle Isle (well quick stop at the res had a loon). Redstart was singing near the parking lot, got the expected year birds plus the thrasher that has been hanging out and an ibis. Earhart next, Great Egret and a pewee or two were the most interesting. Grosbeak in the yard for dinner.

Sunday 6/13: Minuteman survey, about as expected (pending confirming an odd song as just a Blue-wing). Loop of Kaveski after, nothing of note, then 2 loons on Flint’s on the way home.

Monday 6/14: BBN had the expected stuff (mostly, mowing at Mackerel and rain starting limited things a bit). Indigo was #120 on the commute patches year list and a Slender Spreadwing finally posed after getting multiple spreadwing sp elsewhere this year.

Tuesday 6/15: Bunch of Night-Herons at Purgatory plus a Virginia Rail almost at the bridge through Flowed Meadow.