WIR 6/16-6/2

Wednesday 6/16: Went back to Hartwell to look for the GWWA songster. No sign on the way down, Alder singing at the boardwalk turns out to be new for me in Lincoln. Started back and the warbler was singing. Pinned it down to the treeline along the edge of the park and waited 30 minutes for a Blue-winged to come out (as expected).

Thursday 6/17: Went out to Round Hill and Great Meadows headquarters to pick up some summer residents for Sudbury. Got 20 I think, Veery, BG Gnatcatcher, etc about the most interesting.

Friday 6/18: Nothing along the river.

Saturday 6/19: Sandy Beach was pretty quiet. Went to AGM after, mostly for bugs. Bit cloudy, but a few good things.

Sunday 6/20: Went to Ponkapoag. Swamp Spreadwing on the way to the boardwalk, Elfin Skimmers on the boardwalk plus what I assume are Mantled Baskettails, then a Comet Darner at the pond. Few weird gaps (no whitetail(!) too. Got home, started to look at photos and got a text that there was a Bar-winged Skimmer on the boardwalk… Oh well.

Monday 6/21: Falzone was quiet, although did finally get Green Heron for the ‘commute’ patch list as well as a few interesting flies.

Tuesday 6/22: Great Meadows was quiet except for what sounded like a martin and FOY Blue-fronted Dancers.