WIR 6/23-6/29

Wednesday 6/23: Nothing at Dunback, no interesting insects either.

Thursday 6/24: Nothing on the river.

Friday 6/25: Weston Station Pond  had 40+ herons and a bunch of Indigos but no shorebirds.

Saturday 6/26: Led a BBC walk in Ashby. Willard Brook was quietish, but we had great views of multiple Louisiana Waterthrush. Didn’t get deep into the woods however. Watatic had multiple sapsuckers, a cooperative Prairie, and lots of ants. Quick stop at Fitchburg Res had distant loons.

Sunday 6/27: Hop Brook into the Desert and Assabet had nothing terribly exciting, few robbers and other insects.

Monday 6/28: Nothing much at Lone Tree Hill or the duck ponds.

Tuesday 6/29: Usual at BBN.