WIR 6/30-7/6

Wednesday 6/30: Tanner’s Brook had the usual.

Thursday 7/1: Night-Herons on both sides of the square were about it in Watertown.

Friday 7/2: Eagle at the res for the first time in a little while. Nothing at Flint’s. Heron with a rodent at Nine Acre, usual at Hardy.

Saturday 7/3: Went out to Wayland in the mist. Couple Marsh Wrens, a YT Vireo, and a new bird for me at Heard (pigeon!). More vireos at the pond. Water Row had a Willow Flycatcher and the res had nothing on the way home.

Sunday 7/4: Went to Alewife to work on the Cambridge year list. Trail was completely flooded (went up to the top of my boot just trying to cross the first bridge), so did the ponds then went to Fresh Pond. Loon there called a couple times. Also Orchard Oriole carrying food, Willow Flycatcher, and lots of waxwings.

Monday 7/5: Great Meadows was fairly quiet. Stopped at Mattison Field on the way home, tons of gliders and monarchs but not much else.

Tuesday 7/6: Marsh Wren was singing at BBN. Also Black-shoulderd Spinylegs and a Monarch.