WIR 11/24-11/30

Wednesday 11/24: Dunback was birdy, although mostly White-throats. Did finally get a couple Fox Sparrows for the fall plus 2 Yellow-rumps, a Winter Wren, and a cowbird.

Thursday 11/25: Started at Ricci Field. Leucistic Song Sparrow, a Killdeer, and flyover Common Mergansers weren’t bad. Walked a bit at Flint’s next, nothing much there. Stopped at the pullout and did have a few ducks although nothing particularly interesting. Saw David had a longspur at School St, so headed over there as I needed the larks too for the year. Figured it would be a bit of a challenge but the flock was close to the road and I had barely counted 10-15 before the longspur popped into view.

Friday 11/26: Res was quiet. Had been thinking about Earhart but thought better of it for Black Friday so went to Horn Pond. Usual stuff there, big flock of geese to sort through but nothing interesting. Continued to the Mystic Lakes which were quiet, as were Spy Pond and Hardy Pond.

Saturday 11/27: Too windy so went for sheltered spots. Hammond Pond (car scannable) had the Lesser Scaup and PB Grebe (and a Turkey Vulture heading home) so 100 in Newton is still possible. D. Blakely Hoar had a vulture or two and a Winter Wren. Matt Garvey’s Rufous Hummingbird came to the feeder almost immediately. Leverett Pond had a few ducks plus a creeper and other not terribly interesting passerines. Quick Norumbega to Angleside check didn’t have much.

Sunday 11/28: Decided to stay local and did a longer walk around BBN for the first time in a bit. Lots of geese, an eagle, a Rusty Blackbird, and not a ton else. Duck ponds were quiet. Blair Pond was birdy, Sharpie, two kingfishers the most interesting.

Monday 11/29: Sharpie along the way to Forest Grove. Added Great Black-backed Gull, American Tree Sparrow, and American Coot there for Newton, so up to 93 now. Lots of common stuff too. Quick River Rd loop on the way out had nothing.

Tuesday 11/30: Wanted to do the West Meadow but figured I should check the parkway pond while I was nearby. Lots of geese, 3 GW Teal, about 20 Red-wings. Winter Wren walking over, then very little at the meadow beyond White-throats.