WIR 12/8-12/14

Wednesday 12/8: Started CBC scouting by hitting the river walk for the first time in ages. Was dark and nasty so not much anyway. Couple Ring-necks and a couple kinglets were about it there. Had plenty of time to go all the way to Prospect St. Wasn’t shocked by a Pine Warbler down that way.

Thursday 12/9: Finally got a Pileated at BBN. Also 2 Hermit Thrushes, a couple Red-wings, a few other of the should get but often a pain in winter species.

Friday 12/10: Too dark early. Quick res trip while waiting for it to brighten had mergansers but nothing else. Went to Ricci Field from there. Orange-crowned was almost the first bird seen, #180 for Lincoln. Also 2 ravens, a couple Savannahs.

Saturday 12/11: Not terribly nice so pond loop it was. Nothing at the res or Flint’s. Big flock of geese by the river at Nine Acre but the White-fronts were on Plainfield. The big flock appeared to be entirely Canada. Also a ton of turkeys. Spy Pond had an eagle and 230+ Common Mergansers. Too foggy at the Mystic Lakes and it started pouring right after.

Sunday 12/12: Fresh Pond was pretty quiet, sapsucker the most interesting. Quick stop at Blair Pond had nothing but as I was driving off I noticed an eagle sitting on a nearby rooftop. Alewife had a GW Teal and not much else.

Monday 12/13: Falzone was pretty quiet, lots of waxwings on the way out. West Meadow had a couple Rusties and a Winter Wren.

Tuesday 12/14: Bunch of Savannahs at Kaveski, couldn’t pick out the Cacklers at Meriam’s.