WIR 12/15-12/21

Wednesday 12/15: Worked my way to the doctor’s for a physical. Nothing really of note at Forte Park, the square, or Arsenal Park.

Thursday 12/16: Got to BBN too late for the geese but there was a Bufflehead on the water, patch #188! Nothing interesting at the field station or Hardy.

Friday 12/17: Dunback had a ton of Red-wings, a RC Kinglet, and a grackle but that was about it.

Saturday 12/18: Did a bit of CBC scouting. Gore was quiet beyond juncos. Peregrine at Cookson was somehow my closer than Great Meadows this year. Nothing much on the river. Decided to run over to Great Meadows after but couldn’t dig out any Cackling Geese. Did get one of the pintails at least.

Sunday 12/19: CBC, again lots of normal and not much unusual. Started in the snow at Dunback where a sapsucker was new for the section. Falzone was quiet (although the group that did the hill had a ton of White-throats and Hermit Thrushes). Hardy had a lot but all expected. Afternoon at Gore and along the Charles didn’t add much either.

Monday 12/20: Had to go into the office so went to Heard, which was quiet. At least 8 Gadwall among others at the swamp though. Hopefully was worth missing the eagle…

Tuesday 12/21: Decided not to head south unless there was an early positive report so went to Forest Grove. Usual stuff there and at the res on the way.