WIR 12/22-12/28

Wednesday 12/22: Quick parkway check at BBN had a Winter Wren but not much else. Too foggy to see at Hardy or the res.

Thursday 12/23: Habitat was pretty quiet.

Friday 12/24: Great Horned was calling from the yard at 6:30. No Snow Buntings at Horn Pond but the crows did a good job of chasing the Great Horned all over the place. Went to Silver Lake after, moderate number of gulls, one Iceland but couldn’t pick out anything else.

Saturday 12/25: Too icy/wet

Sunday 12/26: Started at Hop Brook (after no birds at Grist Mill and nothing worth looking at at Hager). Water was pouring off the trees making it hard to hear and very little around. Long loop there and through Assabet had about nothing beyond a couple ravens. Continued to Water Row where an eagle was immediately visible. That was #100 for the year in Sudbury, which is my 10th town to hit that mark! Also 2 more ravens here. Continued to School St where I saw the larks in flight but no good geese. Decided to go through Nine Acre on the way home, one of the White-fronts was obvious but couldn’t pull anything else out beyond the cowbird flock.

Monday 12/27: No Snowy at Hanscom but did get Winter Wren, Snow Bunting, and Horned Lark for Bedford.

Tuesday 12/28: Too nasty in the morning but had a gap around 11 to check BBN. Lots of woodpeckers but not much else and had to get back to work before I got a full loop in.