WIR 2/16-2/22

Wednesday 2/16: Did most of Dunback without seeing much but then had one of the Yellow-rumps, a few bluebirds, 2 cowbirds, and a Rusty all on the way out.

Thursday 2/17: Pretty quiet at BBN.

Friday 2/18: Too nasty in the morning. Quick check of the res midafternoon had 1 Hoodie.

Saturday 2/19: Started at Heard. Beaver was active in the river, eagle over, FOY valley cowbird about it. No birds at the swamp. GW Teal and a bunch of Ring-necks on Water Row, Wayland side. Goldeneye on the Sudbury side were apparently a new bird for me in Sudbury, bringing up the 150. Nine Acre had nothing exciting, looped a few other spots without anything either.


Sunday 2/20: Attempted to find a few February birds. Started at Millennium where I had the 4 White-crowns. Big flock of waxwings was about it. Continued to Franklin Park and Franklin Field but no obvious Snow Goose. McLaughlin Woods didn’t have the Wilson’s Warbler. Usual stuff Norumbega area.

Monday 2/21: Horn Pond had 2 Barred Owl, a Wood Duck, a Fox Sparrow, a Fish Crow, and the usual coots (no pintail though). Sandy Beach and the lakes had the usual. Nothing at Spy, Blair, and Clay Pit Ponds.

Tuesday 2/22: Heard at least 2 of Paul’s Virginia Rails at Flowed Meadow. No Sora though. Usual ducks on the river, nothing exciting elsewhere on land.