WIR 2/23-3/1

Wednesday 2/23: Killdeer at Dunback and finally caught up with the phoebe at Upper Vine Brook. February was the last month I needed for that, so 79 now in all months in MA I believe. Afternoon check of the res had goldeneye, Ring-necks, 2 eagles, and a nice chat with Simon.

Thursday 2/24: Winter Wren and a deer were about it at BBN.

Friday 2/25: Too snowy

Saturday 2/26: Riverwalk to Moody had the usual and nothing else.

Sunday 2/27: Same at Earhart, the usual stuff, no loons or scaup or anything else.

Monday 2/28: Handful of waxwings was about it at Falzone.

Tuesday 3/1: Had to run to Boston, got a few minutes in the Fenway area without much of note.