WIR 3/2-3/8

Wednesday 3/2: Nothing at Cookson, maybe 2 GW Teal along the river, Turkey Vulture (finally) on the way home.

Thursday 3/3: Pretty quiet at Lone Tree Hill and the duck ponds.

Friday 3/4: Nothing at Nine Acre or School St.

Saturday 3/5: Usual at Hanscom, wish the likely bunting flock was a bit more cooperative. Wood Ducks were in at Great Meadows, as were Fish Crow (one at Gaining Ground too).

Sunday 3/6: Waited out the fog for a bit then worked the river in Wayland and Sudbury. Merlin on Pelham Island Rd but no ducks. Heard was still fogged in, no Rough-leg along Landham. Side trip to Hagar didn’t have anything but I didn’t get out of the car to look around the snow banks. Water Row in Wayland had Ring-necks. Old 27 bridge had a teal and the usual ducks. The Sudbury Water Row viewpoint had more teal, a goldeneye, and not much else. Turkey Vulture over Nine Acre and lots of Canada Geese. Had time for School St. No meadowlark but 40 Horned Larks finally got me to 100 on the year and a good time catching up with Will. That turned out to be very good as 2 Black Vultures were over Rt. 2 on the way home! Local 2 Town #303! Apparently a bit  of a movement today as others had at Minuteman and then at School St later. Checked the res hoping they drifted that way but no luck and fewer birds considering much more was open.

Monday 3/7: Headed to the Mystic Lakes to try for Great Cormorant and Red-throated Loon. Started at the lower end where there were 3 Red-breasted Mergansers and the loon was visible but distant. Wasn’t finding much on land but came up with a Fox Sparrow and 2 GC Kinglets on the way back to the car. Drove up to the dam where the cormorant was posing on the docks and an eagle flew in. Debated a further scan or a run to Spy Pond when I noticed something bright white so got the scope out. Two scaup, but sleeping so ID pending someone else getting a view (seems to be Greater, but still waiting). Luckily Renee stopped by so she got those and I was able to tell her about the sparrow.

Tuesday 3/8: Nothing much at Arlington Res, lots of Ring-necks and Bufflehead, a few Killdeer, a Turkey Vulture about it.