WIR 3/9-3/15

Wednesday 3/9: Decided to check the ponds and marshes at BBN. Only a few Mallards and Hoodies on the parkway, nothing at the big one. Over to the West Meadow which had more common stuff. A Winter Wren was calling at the smaller boardwalk and a woodcock flushed on the way out (tough ‘commute’ bird).

Thursday 3/10: No Blue-winged Teal or Tree Swallow at Great Meadows but a bunch of commute and other year birds including Gadwall, American Wigeon, Lesser Scaup, Belted Kingfisher, and Fish Crow.

Friday 3/11: Sharpie flew through the parking lot as I arrived for an eye exam. Drove through Nine Acre on the way home, geese but wasn’t seeing well enough to scan for anything else. Fish Crow flew by at home.

Saturday 3/12: Too foggy for much. Waltham Community Farm had the usual, couldn’t see the water at the res, nothing at Nine Acre, nothing different beyond RB Gulls at School St, could see even less at Flint’s.

Sunday 3/13: Too cold and windy, checked the Charles from Norumbega down to Mt. Feake and back up to Purgatory without anything, then drove through the res (and Hobbs Brook) and Flint’s with even less.

Monday 3/14: Weston Station Pond had a ton of Ring-necks, an eagle, a few Wood Duck, and that was about it. Evening walk along the parkway at BBN had 4+ woodcock and a Mute Swan.

Tuesday 3/15: Rock Meadow: bluebird, Killdeer, phoebe, few other things.