WIR 3/16-3/22

Wednesday 3/16: 4+ Killdeer, 4+ Rusties, 16+ Wood Duck at Ricci Farm, nothing different at Elm Brook.

Thursday 3/17: Tried Great Meadows in the fog, basically the same as last week (from what I could see).

Friday 3/18: In office meeting, which meant a chance to check Wayland. Good start when I remembered I should have my key and had to backtrack, but still had enough time to check the gardens quickly then go down Pelham Island Rd. Snipe was the most interesting at the gardens, FOY Tree Swallow at the swamp (finally) and just about nothing on Heard Pond.

Saturday 3/19: Did the usual wet weather loop without much in the morning. Got a text about an egret at the parkway marsh while I was getting into the car in the afternoon so looped over and got it as a drive-by.

Sunday 3/20: Out to Bolton Flats for a change. The geese appeared to have moved on and not many ducks beyond GW Teal. Dexter Drumlin had a few raptors including a kestrel. Delaney had the Lesser Scaup I was looking for, but that was a fairly poor return given the number of possible county birds I had.

Monday 3/21: RB Nuthatch was a surprise at BBN, just the usual stuff otherwise.

Tuesday 3/22: Quiet at Cookson and east of the square.