WIR 3/23-3/29

Wednesday 3/23: Rusty at Gaining Ground on the way to Hanscom, Field Sparrow was the only thing of note there. Did make it a quick trip so I had time to pull over and take a quick look at the Snow Geese at Meriam’s.

Thursday 3/24: Raining so pond loop, nothing of note.

Friday 3/25: Great Meadows had a PB Grebe, a Rusty, a ton of Tree Swallows, and the 3 Snow Geese flew through(?) just as I was leaving.

Saturday 3/26: Did a Suffolk trip. Started at Deer Island. Fish Crow over was nice, then a Gadwall flew out, which is apparently a first for the site. FOY DC Cormorant at the tip, then an egret and 3 Turkey Vultures flew in on the way back. Winthrop Beach next, couple Piping Plovers were near the edge. Pico had a couple oystercatchers in a quick stop. No Manx at Revere Beach. Another cormorant at Draw Seven on the way back but no scoters or anything else of interest.

Sunday 3/27: Kaveski/Meriam’s loop was fairly quiet. Snow Geese were still around and one pintail was obvious with them but the sun made scanning the rest of the ducks a pain. Quick check of Hardy and the res after had nothing.

Monday 3/28: Dunback was quiet and cold (and slightly snowy even with nothing at home). Hardy had a Ruddy, which got me to 100 for the year in county, earliest I’ve done so.

Tuesday 3/29: Quick Hobbs Brook check finally had a Fox Sparrow (res patch #184). Kingfisher was the only other thing of any note.