WIR 5/18-5/24

Wednesday 5/18: Cookson was quiet beyond a parula and bunch of Wood Duck. The square had a Least Flycatcher and Canada Warbler (Charles #175!).

Thursday 5/19: Had planned on Mt. Auburn but the drizzle pointed towards Great Meadows (after a check of the empty res). A couple Least Sandpipers were on the path, a Cliff Swallow was around, and 2 Ring-necks were a surprise. Decided that since there was no flow of shorebirds over and I had time to circle around. Alder Flycatcher was calling partway around and while I was waiting for a second round, a thrasher started singing. Surprisingly a new bird for me here and one I didn’t have on my target list. Rest of the walk was fairly quiet.

Friday 5/20: Went to Falzone to look for a reported Summer Tanager. Two days later, so not surprisingly I didn’t find it. A few warblers but not too much else. Did West Meadow too, waterthrush singing was the most interesting there.

Saturday 5/21: Out to Wachusett for the shorebird show. Pretty foggy as I arrived, but a few yellowlegs in close. Walked from gate 39 to 40 where most things had been and waited out the fog a bit. First bird up was a Semipalmated Plover, then a late RB Merganser. Cleared enough to pick out the BB Plovers and Dunlin, then a Black Tern appeared! No luck with the dowitchers, so I eventually worked my way back (thrasher on the way) and then covered some other gates. Very little at 36 and 25, lots of passerines at 8 but too little time to check thoroughly. A few (more?) BB Plovers from there. Also FOY Stream Cruiser and Springtime Darner and a few butterflies.

Sunday 5/22: Went out to Heard. Two YB Cuckoos and 2 Alder Flycatchers about it (well FOY Monarch). Pond had more of the same and a few minutes at Water Row didn’t have a kite.

Monday 5/23: Forest Grove with an idea of Mourning Warbler and thrushes. Decided to start from Comm Ave for a change. Reach the far end of Lyons Field and a Mourning Warbler sings briefly. Good start. Down and around without too much more, but a Swainson’s Thrush popped up behind the tennis court so mission fully accomplished.

Tuesday 5/24: Habitat had another couple Swainson’s Thrushes, a BT Blue, and a few other things of mild interest. Duck pond was still fairly dry but only a Killdeer.