WIR 5/11-5/16

Wednesday 5/11: Lone Tree Hill had a few warblers and what was almost certainly a yellowlegs going over. Checked the duck ponds hoping for that but only had a few Solitary and Killdeer.

Thursday 5/12: BBN added RE Vireo and Wood Thrush for the year but otherwise not much turnover (Prairie Warbler was about it).

Friday 5/13: Next to nothing at Mt. Auburn, should have checked the res instead.

Saturday 5/14: MBC Big Day, pretty slow, maybe 90. Highlight was a Mink at Vine Brook.

Sunday 5/15: Nothing but ravens at the res (which was a miss yesterday). Estabrook had no migrants but several Winter Wrens, 3 Louisiana Waterthrush, etc plus a few forktails, Aurora Damsels, and some whitetails. Nine Acre had less than yesterday but lots of forktails.

Monday 5/16: Finally a decent movement. BBN had 2+ Blackburnians, a Bay-breasted, a few other warblers, a Bobolink, etc.

Tuesday 5/17: Decided to check Nine Acre in case the rain overnight put any shorebirds down, which it didn’t. Couple Spotted and a couple ravens were it for the few seconds I looked. Figured GM HQ was the best spot from there. Fairly quiet there, but a couple Willow Flycatchers were new for the year, plus a Common Baskettail and lots of forktails.