WIR 7/27-8/2

Wednesday 7/27: Usual birds and a Zabulon Skipper at Forest Grove.

Thursday 7/28: Pec, Semi, etc at Hobbs Brook.

Friday 7/29: Nothing at Lone Tree Hill beyond a few ringlets. Duck ponds had Solitaries and a Spotted in a quick check.

Saturday 7/30: GW Teal and ibis plus 9 egrets at Great Meadows, no shorebirds though. Juncos out in Otis later but no time to actually go out and look around.

Sunday 7/31: Usual at Dunback and the res. Zabulon Skipper in the yard (yard butterfly #20!).


Monday 8/1: Checked conditions at Nine Acre, less mud than I expected. Indigo was the most interesting. Loon at Flint’s on the way home.

Tuesday 8/2: Bunch of Semipalmated Plovers among the shorebirds at Hobbs Brook. Checked Shade St too without anything.