WIR 8/3-8/9

Wednesday 8/3: Red-shoulder, Osprey, lots of Wood Duck at Weston Station Pond.

Thursday 8/4: BBN had a Semipalmated Plover (patch #189), couple Greater Yellowlegs (BBN #170), lot of Lesser Yellowlegs, 9 Green Heron, etc. Great Blue Skimmer ovipositing too.

Friday 8/5: Creepers and a raccoon at GMHQ.

Saturday 8/6: West a bit. Single Grasshopper Sparrow cooperated at the soccer field in Shirley. Decent number of other things including 34+ Killdeer. Pond at the end of the street had a couple things, so 7 new birds for Shirley. Sterling Peat next, Little Blue was hiding but just barely visible. Lots of sandpipers at the other end but couldn’t find any Semis so just the one Worcester county bird. Made a quick stop at BBN to see if the ibis were still around but just the same sandpipers.

Sunday 8/7: Hobbs Brook had more of the same shorebirds, juv Solitary was the most interesting. Ode walk at the Cranberry Bog had a Lesser Yellowlegs, Lance-tipped Darner, and the usual common stuff.

Monday 8/8: Redstart at Cookson, 2 Night-Herons and a waterthrush along the river plus 2 otters (video below).


Tuesday 8/9: Water level was up a bit at BBN so only a few shorebirds. Check of Mackerel for passerine migrants failed to find much of anything.