WIR 11/2-11/8

Wednesday 11/2: BBN had a Lincoln’s and Field Sparrow plus a calling rail (November county #3). A meadowhawk by the basketball court was nice too.

Thursday 11/3: Sun and traffic made me second guess Fresh Pond, so I took the convenient turn and went to Lone Tree Hill. Lots of cormorants, 3 loons, a flock of siskins, and little else. Decided to cut and run across the street and had more of not much at Rock Meadow beyond a pair of bluebirds.

Friday 11/4: Lexington Community Farm, had the Orange-crowned but no Lark Sparrow or (likely BH) grosbeak and was too rushed to scan the water at the res. Sharpie was a ‘commute’ year bird somehow.

Saturday 11/5: Started at Danehy. Siskin high overhead was just about the first bird out of the car, Barred Owl later was nice but otherwise fairly quiet. Fresh Pond was very quiet. Shorebirds continued at Arlington Res, nothing in the fields, Redhead showed well. Afternoon check of Cambridge Res had a Peregrine on the rocks, which had me baffled until I got the scope on it.

Sunday 11/6: Coastal run, started at the greenway/cemetery which was pretty quiet (did add GC Kinglet and Yellow-rump to the Belle Isle patch list, so very exciting). Winthrop Beach had a close RT Loon and the usual stuff on the rocks. Lewis Lake wasn’t exciting. Belle Isle proper had 2 different eagles fly over but not much else. Lawn Ave had FOF Tree Sparrow. Quick check of Norumbega on the way home had a bunch of GW Teal and 2 coot.

Monday 11/7: Was stepping out the door to go to Dunback but it was raining way too hard (where’d that come from?) so checked the res (1 scaup among the Hoodies) and Flint’s (zero). Sun was out by then, so I went to Lindentree as it was nearby. Two (or twenty) Horned Larks, lots of bluebirds, a Sharpie, etc.

Tuesday 11/8: Went to Great Meadows hoping for some movement on the NW winds. Winds felt more west than northwest but there were lots of ducks around, highlighted by a pintail and 3+ wigeon. Also a coot, harrier, TV, and lots of blackbirds.