WIR 11/9-11/15

Wednesday 11/9: Started at McClennen, got over to the pond and a Lark Sparrow popped up! Unfortunately lots of dog walkers, so it probably didn’t hang around much. Wouldn’t be shocked if it was the LCF bird. Also a siskin going over and a few Hoodies.

Continued to Arlington Res where I had just enough time to race around. Redhead is #186 on the ‘commute’ year list, super long shot but 200 isn’t impossible. Also a coot and a few Bufflehead.

Thursday 11/10: Took a chance that the Cave Swallow would be back at Great Meadows (or replaced by another). No luck and not much different than Tuesday, few less ducks, few more coots, walked the loop so more passerines.

Friday 11/11: Very quiet at Cookson and east of the square. Mt. Auburn had a snacking Merlin but not much else. Stopped at BBN on the way home and found the Ring-neck was still there.

Saturday 11/12: Started with a pond loop while waiting for the rain to leave. Common Mergansers and goldeneye were in but otherwise pretty quiet. Lots of Canadas but no interesting geese at Nine Acre. Once it cleared, I headed to Kaveski where I did not have the Bullock’s Oriole or too much else (5 meadowhawks and 3 Orange Sulphurs though). Figured Tanner’s Brook was worth a try but not much there either.

Sunday 11/13: Started at the res, 75 Ring-necks, otherwise the same. Also a bunch of Wood Ducks down Old County. Rain had picked up by the time I reached Draw Seven but I walked around. Nothing of note there, so over to Earhart. Weather got a bit better for a short while, catbird in front of Encore was about it though. Rain picked back up, but I checked the Mystic Lakes and Hardy Pond (nothing at all) on the way home.

Monday 11/14: Figured the winds made Cave Swallow a possibility so picked Great Meadows over Kaveski. No swallow and other things were just starting to pick up, would have loved a few more hours out there. Good movement of Herring Gulls and 4-5 Turkey Vultures plus most of the stuff that’s been there (no coot or pintail for me today).

Tuesday 11/15: Gave Kaveski another shot at the oriole. No luck obviously but 4 Fox Sparrows and a Fish Crow. Quick stop at Flint’s had a flyover siskin and a few more ducks.