WIR 11/16-11/22

Wednesday 11/16: Pond loop in the rain. Same in lesser numbers at the res. Geese, starlings, and a dove were all at Nine Acre. Same ducks at Flint’s but a big flock of gulls was dropping in. Unfortunately it was quite foggy and they were at the limit of what I could make out with the scope. Snapped a few photos and got ready to leave, but gave them a quick check first and an Iceland Gull was reasonably obvious, so I got back out and got the scope on it. Couldn’t pick anything else out though.

Thursday 11/17: Couple cormorants along Old County Rd. Chipping Sparrow and bluebirds at BBN.

Friday 11/18: Catbird, towhee, 2 Fox Sparrows at Dunback.

Saturday 11/19: Deer Island had the usual ducks, a few siskins, rb nuthatches, etc. Hairy was probably the biggest surprise. The Bonaparte’s at Earhart was fairly cooperative but not much else.

Sunday 11/20: Cold Spring Park had tons of robins, a bluebird, GH Owl, and not too much else. Usual ducks at Chestnut Hill. No luck with sapsucker at Hall’s Pond in the wind and no close space for a quick run around Fenway.

Monday 11/21: Falzone had a ton of waxwings and robins plus a Chipping Sparrow. Fox Sparrow and lots of geese over the West Meadow.

Tuesday 11/22: Fairly quiet at Habitat, lot of juncos and robins in the meadows but nothing much in the woods. Crossbill flew over the road as I walked to Weeks though, which ties my ‘commute’ year record. Nice sapsucker at the pond too.