WIR 11/23-11/29

Wednesday 11/23: Mostly the usual at Weston Station Pond, but a Ruddy and Lesser Scaup were in with the Ring-necks, finally got a Tree Sparrow, and a pipit flew over the solar field (that’s 3 town birds!).

Thursday 11/24: Gave Waltham St and Dunback a quick run before Thanksgiving festivities. Usual stuff at Waltham St. Got back to Dunback and scanned through a big junco flock to find a Dickcissel among them. Also a towhee (not the one that’s been around?) and a catbird or two plus lots of Purple Finches and a Field Sparrow. No birding in Otis but did get Common Merganser and Barred Owl in Hampden coming/going.

Friday 11/25: Nothing different at the res. Hanscom was fairly quiet, did get a Fox Sparrow there finally. Usual ducks, a couple eagles, and a Pileated at Great Meadows.

Saturday 11/26: Heard Pond was quiet. Gadwall among the regulars at the swamp on Pelham Island Rd. Walked the length of Water Row, Pileated was about the only thing of interest. Gave the Old 27 Bridge an hour but very little was flying around. Starlings were it at Nine Acre, no birds at School St although the lark flock flew over as I was pulling onto Rt. 2. Horned Grebe continued at Flint’s, nothing new at the res or Hardy.

Sunday 11/27: Got the Red-throated Loon at Horn Pond but missed Bonaparte’s Gull, Evening Grosbeak, pintail, etc. Did have a nice Merlin, a Yellow-rump, Lesser Scaup, and a few other things. Quick pond loop had nothing. Check for Sam’s Blackburnian in Acton without luck, but an otter was quite nice. Afternoon check of the res had the same.

Monday 11/28: Cookson was quiet beyond a possible Yellow-rump being drowned out by geese. River was quiet too except for a Horned Lark flying over the pool (Charles #177!).

Tuesday 11/29: Not much change at Arlington Res, Redhead, Orange-crowned, etc still around plus a Yellow-rump.