WIR 8/9-8/15

Wednesday 8/9: Prairie, 3 Redstarts, and a Black-and-white at Dunback.

Thursday 8/10: Finally had some success with early warblers at Prospect Hill. Canada was a good start, then a Tennessee at the top of a slope, a Nashville by the tanks, and Black-and-whites all over (plus Yellow, Redstart, Ovenbird). Also a Cicada Killer landed with a cicada.

Friday 8/11: Blue-winged, Black-and-white, not much else at Lone Tree Hill. Very brief stop at the duck ponds was nothing but Chimney Swifts and waxwings.

Saturday 8/12: Started at Deer Island. Gnatcatcher, couple Yellow Warblers, and Cape May were most of the land birds, very little on the water. Winthrop Beach had lots of shorebirds but the tide was high and they were in a tough spot to scan without disturbing. Fisherman’s Bend had the usual plovers and turnstones (and heat shimmer). Quick stop at Earhart became a longer one when the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was foraging in the cove. Also a bunch of peep and one of the Snowy Egrets.

Sunday 8/13: Started at School St, but the limited shower didn’t drop much in (or it had already left), just a few Least and Solitary. Warner’s Pond next, a ton of Red-wings, an egret, and an Indigo (somehow a SRV year bird). Tried Barrett’s Mill after, which was fairly quiet beyond a ton of Bronzed Tiger Beetles. Quick checks of Elm Brook and the res had nothing.

Monday 8/14: Black-and-white, Blue-winged, and a redstart was it for warblers at BBN. Hoodie was back on the pond/marsh and a Night-Heron and otter were there on the way out.

Tuesday 8/15: Tried Great Meadows in the rain, couple sandpipers flew over (probably just Spotted), a group of Bobolink, and a ton of swallows before it starting pouring. Eagle and not much else at the res and nothing at Hardy from there.