WIR 8/23-8/29

Wednesday 8/23: Nashville, Bay-breasted (finally), raven, etc at Prospect Hill.

Thursday 8/24: Two Great Egrets over Danehy but absolutely nothing on the ground. That left plenty of time for Blair Pond, which had a night-heron and Semipalmated, Least, and Solitary sandpipers. Nothing much at Hardy.

Friday 8/25: Nothing on a pond loop.

Saturday 8/26: A good-sized flock of yellowlegs was about it at Great Meadows. Ton of Killdeer but little else at Kaveski. Shade St and Hobbs Brook were quiet midday.

Sunday 8/27: Did my August on foot day. No sign of any migration, no shorebirds, no Green Heron, no sign of the Dickcissel at Rock Meadow. Did get two Pileated (one at BBN, 1 at Brookhaven) and finally had some Barn Swallows on foot. Afternoon loop of the res had a dark head causing me to jump out for the scope. Laughing Gull it was, which was quite nice. Interestingly, other than the October flock I had here, every single one I’ve seen in the county has been on August 27.

Monday 8/28: Lots of Wood Ducks but not too much else at Weston Station Pond. Fog cleared but the sun came out just as I reached the res, no obvious Laughing Gull.

Tuesday 8/29: Savannah Sparrows were a bit of a surprise at Kaveski, otherwise about the same as Saturday. Didn’t cross the stream, so had time to check Ricci too. Red-shoulder and a Field Sparrow were nice there.