WIR 8/30-9/5

Wednesday 8/30: Too wet for anything in Watertown in the morning. Moving offices in the evening had 3 nighthawks over Smith St then 2 over the new building on Wyman. Trying to convince myself that counts as a commute bird but failing.

Thursday 8/31: Prospect Hill added 2 more warblers for the month (Magnolia and BT Green) plus another Tennessee, Nashville, and Canada. Not much else though.

Friday 9/1: BBN was busy but other than a gnatcatcher and redstart, it was pretty much all summering birds still. Another Pileated was nice though.

Saturday 9/2: Went crossbill hunting. Got one distant one at Fitchburg Res but nothing else there. Climbed Blood Hill (redstart, Wood Thrush on the way up) and had a couple more plus a Tennessee and BT Green. Decided to work back east, stopping at the Squannacook River WMA, which had 3 species of tiger beetles but no birds, and Rocky Hills, which had mostly mosquitos and a late Swamp Spreadwing.

Sunday 9/3: Started at Water Row. No migrants again (gnatcatcher, redstart maybe) but 3 Great Egrets flew over the river. Nothing at Heard or the res. Went to stop at Waltham St to find it more or less fenced off so went to Dunback. Since it was after 11, it was pretty quiet, but a screech-owl responded to the scold tape.

Monday 9/4: Squantum run. Basically no migrants at Squantum Point Park (hummer, 3 flyover warblers) but even though I didn’t have my muck boots I got both Rambur’s and Citrine forktails. Nickerson Rock was even quieter beyond a tern feeding frenzy (all Common). Sailor’s Home Pond and quick look at Wollaston had nothing. Two or three White-rumps about it off the hummock at the marshes.

Tuesday 9/5: Couple YT Vireos and a Lesser Yellowlegs was about it at Great Meadows. Ravens added to the office list today.