WIR 9/6-9/12

Wednesday 9/6: Not quite as birdy as last week at BBN but better variety. Olive-sided was the main highlight but Lesser Yellowlegs, Blackburnian, Osprey, Barred Owl were all good too.

Thursday 9/7: 2 Black-and-whites, 3 Redstarts, RB Grosbeak, RE Vireo about it at Lone Tree Hill, nothing at Rock Meadow (just the gardens and boardwalk).

Friday 9/8: Didn’t expect much and didn’t get much at the West Meadow or Hardy Pond.

Saturday 9/9: Inland Suffolk day. Thought about Chestnut Hill but saw the Lark Sparrow report at Millennium and started there. Did a near full loop without any sparrows beyond Savannah. Not too much else either, first of fall Palm about it. Stony Brook next. The cloudy skies and tall trees made it pretty tough but eventually got a BT Green, Black-and-white, and a probable Bay-breasted. Saw that the sparrow had been refound in one of the spots I didn’t check, so I went back and got it pretty quickly and its companion Clay-colored not too much later. Added a few other things looping back around, but it was really steamy.

Sunday 9/10: Decided to try the original idea for yesterday. Started with a quick Hammond Pond stop which had the Ring-neck and a few Semipalmated Sandpipers. Chestnut Hill had a teal, 2 Ring-necks, and a few warblers. Realized I was pretty close to getting my September Suffolk list to 100, so went to Chandler Pond figuring there might be a Wood Duck or Green Heron. There were one of each plus a Familiar Bluet (county record on odonatacentral!). One away, so I checked a map and decided the community gardens along the Charles might be worth a stop. Unfortunately I found a road race, so I didn’t stop and went to Blair Pond instead. A few Semis and a Solitary there, then it started raining.

Monday 9/11: Been seeing a few reports of shorebirds at Arlington Res, so gave that a try. A bit dark when I arrived but I found a Semipalmated Plover, a Lesser Yellowlegs, and 2 Least in addition to the Solitaries and Killdeer. Also 2 wigeon and a few Green-winged Teal. Looped around to find a lot of grown up vegetation. Made my way back to the opening near Rindge and the light was much better. Picked out a Pec pretty quickly (which was nice since I thought I heard one earlier) and then a snipe.

Tuesday 9/12: Kaveski was quiet, as was Nine Acre. Had time for a half scan of the res and had the 2 grebes and a flyover Great Egret.