WIR 10/25-10/31

Wednesday 10/25: No traffic keeping me from Weston Station Pond today. Few sparrows on the walk in, then 125+ Ring-necks, a shoveler, and 3 Pecs at the pond. Wanted to check the res quickly, so skipped the solar field. Wigeon and 2 Ruddy were it at the res.

Thursday 10/26: Arlington Res had a Greater Yellowlegs, Solitary, 3 Pecs, 3 Lessers, the usual ducks, etc. The farm had a Dickcissel and Field Sparrow. Nothing on Cambridge Res.

Friday 10/27: Piles of finches and robins at Rock Meadow including lots of Purples and probably more than a few siskins. Nothing at the res again.

Saturday 10/28: Still nothing at the res. Tried the North Shore Community Gardens thinking I needed 2 for 100 in October in Essex. Turns out I needed 4 but fortunately got 5 (perks of having a bunch of easy targets). Nothing particularly noteworthy there. Went to Ipswich River Park in North Reading next, which was just about birdless and full of people. Martin’s Pond had nothing obvious, Reading Town Forest looked mobbed, so I went to Waltham St, which was mostly Savannahs.

Sunday 10/29: No early report of the LeConte’s to detour from Deer Island. Lots of ducks, loons, and cormorants moving including a flock of scaup and a flock of GW Teal. Not a ton on land, creeper being new for me there was the highlight along with a group of Snow Buntings that started to fly by and turned around. Greater Yellowlegs also new for me, unfortunately what sounded like a Red-bellied only called once. Yirrell Beach next, other than a ton of RT Loons there wasn’t much. Rain picked up by the time I got to Lawn Ave but I ran out anyway. Yellowlegs and Dunlin plus a Marsh Wren called for a minute when the rain slowed briefly. Nothing of note along the Charles on the way home. Afternoon look at the res had Bufflehead and a Black Scoter (Hoodies were new in the morning).

Monday 10/30: Scoter didn’t stay the night but a Common Merganser was nice. Nothing obvious at Nine Acre, Great Blue was the only bird at Flint’s, and a big flock of robins and blackbirds took off at Hardy. Afternoon loop of the res had nothing different.

Tuesday 10/31: Nothing on the res. Tons of robins and waxwings at the West Meadow plus a bluebird, 3 Purple Finches, and a siskin.