WIR 11/1-11/7

Wednesday 11/1: Took the scope to Weston Station Pond and ended up with 11 species of waterfowl including 2 BW Teal and a White-winged Scoter (on the quarry pond). Two loons flew over the bike path but a Cooper’s got in the way along the field. Nothing on Cambridge Res.

Thursday 11/2: Car work in the morning, so only time for a res run in the afternoon. Decent number of ducks included 14 Ring-necks, 4 scaup, 15 Bufflehead, and 5 Hoodies.

Friday 11/3: Tried for the Purple Gallinule in Stow. No luck, although by the time I walked to the spot, I didn’t have much time. Lot of Rusties, 2+ Winter Wren, a Pileated, etc were nice compensation at least.

Saturday 11/4: Started at Water Row. Usual stuff, lots of sparrows, robins, Yellow-rumps, etc. Thought I heard a gnatcatcher a couple times but never found it. Old 27 Bridge had a Hairy, Hermit Thrush, and few Rusties. Nothing obvious along Pelham Island Rd, so on to Farm Pond. Two Common Mergansers near the causeway were #100 for Framingham. Also a late yellowthroat, a few coots, and a ton of Song Sparrows.

Sunday 11/5: Started at the Charles River Reservation. Lots of common stuff, a lateish Pine Warbler, a Pileated made for a decent hour. McCarthy Park next, bunch of Field Sparrows but not much else. Handful of Bufflehead and a Hoodie was it at the res.

Monday 11/6: Finally some interesting birds on Cambridge Res with 3 Horned Grebes, just Bufflehead otherwise though. Arlington Res had 4 Lesser and 1 Greater Yellowlegs along with lots of ducks.

Tuesday 11/7: Just short of nothing at Cookson and along the river. Lunchtime check of the res had 2 Bufflehead and a few geese.