WIR 11/8-11/14

Wednesday 11/8: Nothing at the res, 20 Killdeer, first of fall Tree Sparrow, a Palm, and a bunch of cowbirds at Ricci. Mergansers at Flint’s.

Thursday 11/9: Pond loop, scoter (probably White-winged) on the res but little else anywhere.

Friday 11/10: Day off, so went chasing the Black-headed Gulls that have been around Belle Isle. Started at Morton St where nothing was obvious. Found the flock halfway between there and Lawn Ave from Lawn Ave, which meant they were in the sun, pretty sure at least one was enough larger to be one though. Decided to try Belle Isle proper and see if the angle from the boardwalk was better. It was, slightly, but no luck finding them. Did have the Red-shoulder and a Field Sparrow plus a yellowlegs and other shorebird sp. Went around to the Greenway, which had a ton of sparrows. The bridge was under repair so had to drive over to the cemetery. The gulls had moved over to closer to where I had been but did have a couple Hoodies and a mixed flock of shorebirds flying around. Drove back to Belle Isle and found the flock right in the channel along the entrance. Two Black-headed stuck out, unfortunately too much vegetation to get good photos. Continued around and didn’t find the shorebirds or much beyond the Red-shoulder. Quick stop at Norumbega on the way home had a bunch of GW Teal and 3 wigeon.

Saturday 11/11: Went out to Watatic hoping for a Golden Eagle. No luck with that, but a decent number of Balds, a Red-shoulder, and a type 2 crossbill from the hawkwatch plus Fox Sparrow on the way up and a few waterbirds at Fitchburg Res.

Sunday 11/12: Flock of Snow Buntings, a few Rusties, and a Fox Sparrow at Dunback.

Monday 11/13: BBN was fairly quiet, a few ducks on the unfrozen part of the parkway marsh/pond, a Hermit Thrush, and some posing kinglets.

Tuesday 11/14: Kaveski had 2 harriers and a Merlin. Couple goldeneye, Bufflehead, and a Ruddy on Flint’s.