WIR 11/15-11/21

Wednesday 11/15: Decent number of siskins and a Purple Finch at Rock Meadow, otherwise just good numbers of common stuff. Mergansers, a Bufflehead, and a turkey it at the res.

Thursday 11/16: Harrier and 18 Snow Buntings at Danehy.

Friday 11/17: Big flock of cowbirds but not much else at Ricci, nothing on the res.

Saturday 11/18: Nothing on the res. Saw that the rain was supposed to be less a bit to the south and went to Great Pond. Seven Pintail and a bunch of teal by Norroway. Lots of diving ducks on the main pond but the rain came in strong as I reached the other end of the causeway and I got soaked and couldn’t see much. Kicked around Quincy a bit after without anything of note.

Sunday 11/19: Wayland swing. Nothing on Heard Pond. Heard Farm had an eagle, a few finches, a Fox Sparrow, and not too much else. Still was pretty early, so checked Landham Rd (nothing) and then the Raymond Reservation (not much). Watched from the Old 27 Bridge for an hour and a half and a Snow Bunting was about the only thing of note.

Monday 11/20: College Pond had at least one towhee, a catbird, a Pine Warbler, 3 Winter Wrens, and a bunch of finches.

Tuesday 11/21: Not much at Cookson or Gore.