WIR 2/14-2/20

Wednesday 2/14: Too cold and windy for much. Sat at School St for a bit and eventually got one lark, otherwise just pigeons and crows. Nine Acre had geese and not much else. Res had the usual ducks.

Thursday 2/15: 3 Lesser Scaup in with 85+ Ring-necks at Weston Station Pond. Not much beyond juncos along the bike path.

Friday 2/16: Ducked the wind by going to College Pond, which worked surprisingly well once I got past the ball field. Worth the effort too, with a few Rusties, a RB Nuthatch, and a Fox Sparrow.

Saturday 2/17: Draw Seven had a Gadwall, a few RT Loons, a Common Loon, and the usual bunch of ducks. Stopped at the Winthrop Greenway on the way to the beach and had a pair of wigeon and 14 Green-winged Teal. Couldn’t find the Western Grebe at Winthrop Beach but had 28 or so Dunlin and a flock of Snow Buntings at Yirrell plus a ton of Common Loons and the various ducks. Rivergreen Park on the way home was pretty quiet, but an eagle got my February list to 90.

Sunday 2/18: Started with a quick drive through Nine Acre, which had nothing. Assabet next. Colder and windier than I expected. Three crossbills, a good flock of siskins, and that was about it. Fisher loop after was more of the same. Drove back through School St (pigeons), Nine Acre (nothing), back side of Drumlin (nothing), and the res (nothing different).

Monday 2/19: Successful holiday. Started at Bolton Flats, which was pretty quiet other than Marsh Wren and RC Kinglet. Quick check of Dexter Drumlin didn’t turn up any cranes. After hearing that the Canvasback wasn’t at Wachusett gate 25, I stopped at 36 first and immediately found it. Continued to 25, mostly to pass word on. Gave the scaup a quick sift through but not overly carefully. Continued to River Rd where a Barrow’s showed off and on and the hybrid Red-shoulder x Red-tail flew by. Dexter Drumlin again found the cranes, not sure if they were in a spot I didn’t look at carefully earlier. Same loop home as yesterday had the same results beyond a bluebird at the res.

Tuesday 2/20: Rusty and a Wood Duck at Kaveski.