WIR 2/7-2/13

Wednesday 2/7: Winter Wren at Falzone, Orange-crowned and a few blackbirds at the West Meadow.

Thursday 2/8: Ravens and bluebirds the most exciting at Dunback. Had to run into the office midday so looped the res on the way home, 90 Ring-necks, a few mergansers, and a Ruddy.

Friday 2/9: Tried for the thrasher at Wright-Locke Farm. Took a bit to find the right spot and then no bird (not too surprising). Not a whole lot there otherwise. Quick stop at Hardy had the usual.

Saturday 2/10: Bit of a Cape Ann run. Halibut Point had the usual ducks but no alcids. One Yellow-rump was the most exciting land bird. Granite Pier added Razorbill. Jodrey didn’t look like it was worth a stop. Tide was super high, so could only scan at Eastern Point from the parking lot and didn’t notice much of anything. Gave up at that point and worked home. Lynnfield Marshes had a continuing Greater Scaup and a pintail. Interesting raptor at Lake Q got away. DC Cormorant was a surprise at the res.

Sunday 2/11: Had a Bird Observer thing, so poked around Norfolk county on the way over. Kendrick Pond was less exciting than I think it should be as always, but I did find a Great Horned, which was my commonest gap for the county. Gadwall was at Needham Reservoir. Very little at the Charles River Peninsula, not helped by the wind picking up. Did have a Field Sparrow at least.

Monday 2/12: Coot, Fish Crow, Marsh Wren, lot of goldeneye at Great Meadows. The RB Merganser would have been nice.

Tuesday 2/13: Storm was a complete bust but still wasn’t nice out. Walked to Hardy and Graverson, most of the usual ducks and little else.