WIR 2/21-2/27

Wednesday 2/21: Nothing out of the expected at BBN.

Thursday 2/22: First of year chipmunks, 2 RT Loons, bunch of scaup at Fresh Pond.

Friday 2/23: Big flock of turkeys at Nine Acre finally got me to 100 in February. Calling Red-throated Loon at the res.

Saturday 2/24: Started at Ell Pond (minus a two minute check of Spot Pond) where one Canvasback was around. Also both kinglets and a few other Melrose additions. Horn Pond had 3 eagles, the Barred Owl, the 3 shovelers, etc but the snipe were not cooperating. Quick check of Spy Pond had a goldeneye and 2 RB Mergansers. Although there had been no reports for almost two weeks, I figured the Townsend’s Warbler was still around and had good views after a minute or two.

Sunday 2/25: Finally got the central MA swing I’d been hoping to do. Fitchburg Res was frozen, so I didn’t stop. Siskins all over Watatic and a surprise White-winged Crossbill at the summit. Not surprisingly, I didn’t find a state first Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. Did a loop at Townsend State Forest next, which had even more siskins and 6 eagles overhead. Townsend Hill WMA had a ton of blackbirds and a Hermit Thrush (and a distant crossbill-sounding thing).

Monday 2/26: Colder than I expected at Ricci. One Savannah was about it. Few ducks on Flint’s after.

Tuesday 2/27: Most of the geese had left Great Meadows by the time I got there and no luck with the shoveler or harrier again. Lots of other ducks, a Killdeer, Marsh Wren, etc.