WIR 2/28-3/5

Wednesday 2/28: Kingfisher at Cookson, 2 Wood Duck along the river.

Thursday 2/29: Wasn’t as windy as I expected early, so went to College Pond to look for the Pine Warblers found last week. Got at least 14(!). Also singing creepers, 2 Fox Sparrows, a few ducks, etc. Did a half loop, then decided Nine Acre was more interesting than the deep woods. Seven Killdeer on the Brigham fields, but not much elsewhere.

Friday 3/1: Went for the easy March bird to get the month going. Townsend’s was there right as I walked up, which gave me time to check the Mystic Lakes (pintail and RT Loon still around, eagle made a nice pass) and Hardy (scaup, usual ducks).

Saturday 3/2: Worked a bit west. Started on Pelham Island Rd where there was nothing on Heard Pond and 4 Gadwall at the swamp. Old 27 Bridge had very little. Water Row had a towhee, Pine Warbler, Red-shoulder, Fish Crow, and a pile of ducks. Hop Brook still had the bridge blocked off but I did have a crossbill, so decided not to drive around. School St had pigeons and gulls. Not a ton of geese on Warner’s but a Red-shoulder and 4-5 Savannahs in the field were good. Two vultures over Rt. 2, cowbirds at Nine Acre, and the RT Loon at the res on the way home.

Sunday 3/3: Started by heading to the Fells for Sage’s RN Grebe. Saw one of the loons fairly close while passing the Mystic Lakes, so pulled over and found 4 in view at once. Two Pileated right from the car at the Fells and the grebe was visible as soon as I reached the water. Ended up circling the whole South Reservoir, adding RB Nuthatch, Winter Wren, etc. Gave Spot Pond a quick check after without anything, then went to Draw Seven. Tide was as low as I can remember, not much there either. Pulled back in at the lakes on the way home to get the Great Cormorant, then decided to loop Hobbs Brook. It was pretty quiet other than what was probably a phoebe calling once.

Monday 3/4: BBN to the West Meadow had a few ducks on the parkway marsh along with a Tree Swallow (#70 for the month already). Fairly quiet after that.

Tuesday 3/5: Great Meadows was about the same as last week but quieter (no Fish Crow, wren, still no harrier or shoveler, etc).