WIR 3/6-3/12

Wednesday 3/6: Hanscom had a Field Sparrow and that was about it.

Thursday 3/7: Too rainy. Nothing at Flint’s, not much at Nine Acre, 4 RB Mergs at the res.

Friday 3/8: Nothing exciting at Forest Grove.

Saturday 3/9: Started at Nahanton. Was going to start at the nature center and cover the gardens on the way out, but there were a bunch of juncos flying around, so I walked over that way first and immediately had the White-crown. They all vanished, so good thing I did. Fairly quiet otherwise. Allandale Woods next, no Pileated or anything of note, feeders in a yard were the only busy spot. Millennium next. Quick car scan of the high school marsh was just swans and geese, so to the park itself. PB Grebe on the river was nice, as was a big flock of Rusties down the trail to Brook Village. Two teal flew out with a pile of Mallards, a couple Savannahs back by the car, and one of the RC Kinglets eventually showed. Quick stop at Waltham St. on the way home didn’t have anything exciting.

Sunday 3/10: Started with a quick stop at the Wetherbee fields for the Cackling Goose, which was fairly easy to find. Bolton Flats next, trail was totally underwater and there were barely any birds in the field. Big flock of ducks flew over, couple may have been interesting but not terribly. Walked to the bridge without anything. Delaney next, the boat launch was windy and had lots of Ring-necks and not much else. Taylor Rd had a Winter Wren and couple other things but no goldeneye. Drove around the area a bit but didn’t find any other spots. Nothing much on a drive past Nine Acre, RT Loon was on the res but not much else.

Monday 3/11: RC Kinglet about it at Falzone. Two Lesser Scaup among the ducks at Hardy. Flint’s on the way home from stuff in the afternoon had 3 Greater Scaup.

Tuesday 3/12: Same ducks at BBN, not much circling the marsh. Turkeys at Potter Pond on the way out.