WIR 3/13-3/19

Wednesday 3/13: Gate was closed at Great Meadows (or I didn’t pull close enough?), so went to Meriam’s and Kaveski. Swamp, Field, Savannah Sparrows about it. And Swamp mentioned only because it was somehow a month bird.

Thursday 3/14: Common Mergansers at Cookson were a bit surprising. River was quiet at first, but a coot and then a RC Kinglet/OC Warbler combo on the walk back were quite nice. Went for woodcocks in the evening, heard at least 5 and saw a couple.

Friday 3/15: FOY Phoebe, lots of herons, Tree Swallows, usual ducks, 2 Field Sparrows, etc at Weston Station Pond.

Saturday 3/16: Did an on foot day finally. Common Merganser at the Brookhaven Pond then 2 Pine Warblers in the woods at Falzone made a good start. Got fairly quiet after that, did break 40 but nothing else really of note.

Sunday 3/17: Did a Squantum run. Raining to start, so went to Nut Island. Usual ducks, nothing seemed to be moving and it got too heavy to stand. Sat at Wollaston a bit before it stopped enough to walk around at Squantum Point Park. Virginia Rail was calling and an Orange-crown flew past me, but not much else. Nickerson Rock had more of the same stuff. Couple egrets and GW Teal were the interest at the marshes. Gave the Charles and res a run on the way home but nothing worth stopping for.

Monday 3/18: Nothing unexpected at Dunback, singing Pine was of note I guess.

Tuesday 3/19: 2 PB Grebe, 7 Lesser Scaup, Peregrine at Fresh Pond. Hit my goal of 85 for the month, debating a run at 100 now.