WIR 5/22-5/28

Wednesday 5/22: Mostly breeding stuff at BBN, Blackburnian and maybe some redstarts the only real migrants. Bunch of first of year odes and butterflies including Familiar Bluets.

Thursday 5/23: 2 RB Grosbeaks at Cookson, nothing beyond a redstart by the dam.

Friday 5/24: Syrphids made up the excitement at Tanner’s Brook.

Saturday 5/25: Bug day out west. Started at High Ridge where I had FOY Veery and Alder Flycatcher plus a few warblers. Still a bit cool, but a few odes and butterflies about, although nothing of note. Back at the gate, there was a singing Mourning On to Old County Rd. More warblers on the way to the bog, plus a few more expected bugs. Finally got a Broad-wing at the bog along with Elfin Skimmers. Good finches around too including siskins and crossbills flyover over and a singing Purple. Last stop was Mass Audubon’s Lake Wompanoag. Nothing much in the woods. Ran into Tom in the field, watched the kestrel flying around a bit while telling him about the Mourning (apparently rarer than I realized out there). Silvery Blues all over but not much else. Gave a very quick stop back at Smith St, mostly to see if Tom had any luck. He and Eric didn’t, so home.

And actually the day began with 2(!) yard birds, a Pileated calling (presumably seen flying over the 128 ramp on my way out) and a Wood Thrush half singing.

Sunday 5/26: Pouring when I got up to lead a Great Meadows walk, still pouring when I started driving, but it was done and nice by the time we actually started. Virginia Rail, Sora, and Mourning Warbler plus 5 water snakes together were highlights. Went to Two Rod Rd for boghaunters after. No luck with those, but an Acadian was singing and very occasionally showing. Not first time I’ve made that trade.

Monday 5/27: Started at Great Meadows hoping the weather would put some shorebirds down (or down enough), but strong northeast winds probably ruined that. Pretty quiet, although a beaver on the trail was impressive and Hooded Merganser and a couple others things we missed yesterday were around. Went to the Raymond Reservation next. Usual stuff except for a Glossy Ibis. Did the state forest in Hudson, in mist and mosquitos next. Got 16 of the 25 birds I wanted to hit 50, which wasn’t too bad. Need to find some different habitat from here though.

Tuesday 5/28: Dunback had an Alder but not much else.