Yard Oddball

This interesting girl showed up at the feeders over the weekend:

Oddball House Sparrow

White wings and a lot of white on the tail, not quite the usual.

Oddball House Sparrow

(Un)fortunately, it is just a House Sparrow. It appears to be partially leucistic one though. It’s actually one of two that are in the flock that hangs out in the yard. The other’s a male that’s almost normal, except a couple of the tertials are white. He’s hung around for quite some time now (she just showed up) but hasn’t been back to the feeder when I finally got the camera out.

And here’s the closest to a flight shot I got. I hope to get a better one as it’s a very striking bird with the wings spread.

Oddball House Sparrow

Update: got the male finally

Other sparrow

And for pictures of more exotic birds: