Never got around to posting a picture for last week’s BPW. I was intending to show a Bobolink from last year based on the ones I saw over the weekend, but I’ll do better than that and show one I found this weekend in my home atlas block.


Rock Meadow is in the process of having the meadows restored with a lot of work being done with invasive plant removal and it looks like it’s paying off. This was the only one I saw but I’d say there’s a good chance of having them breeding by the end of the atlas in two years.

And since I have the picture, this is the one I was planning on using last week. It was a young bird and presumably a postbreeding dispersal in my Dunstable block (they could be in the farm fields but this was not in breeding habitat).


5 thoughts on “Bobolinks”

  1. Very nice photos! Bobolinks are a new bird to me and so far I’ve only seen breeding males (and females). I think they will be harder to ID when they are all in non-breeding plumage.

  2. Nice photos and good to hear that there is restoration work being done on the meadows and invasive species being taken out.

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