WIR 9/1-9/7

Wednesday 9/1: Beaver Brook North. Only managed a redstart but pretty sure there were a few more things in there, just didn’t have the time to wait them out.

Thursday 9/2: Duck ponds had nothing different, pretty wet again. Sandpipers over the house that almost got passed off as nighthawks.

Friday 9/3: Prospect Hill early: a pewee, red-eyed vireos, bt green, 4 redstarts. Paine at lunch: 2 yellowthroat.

Saturday 9/4: Checked Cambridge Res for Earl fallout, nonexistent. A hummingbird and empid were about it. A Warbling Vireo and few more Redstarts at Arlington Res.

Sunday 9/5: Plans to go to the Quabbin area were canceled so we went to Dunback. Big flock included parulas, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, Blackpolls, Black-and-whites, and Redstarts. Missed Bay-breasted and a Chat however. Also had an interesting female Somatochlora, either Clamp-tipped or Mocha (still debating). Charles midafternoon had a Cliff Swallow at Purgatory Cove.

Monday 9/6: Rock Meadow through Beaver Brook North. Rock Meadow had 2 hummers, a Veery, BT Green, Blackpoll, and Redstarts (plus an Oporornis that got away). BBN had a thrasher, Parulas, Chestnut-sideds, BT Greens, Black-and-whites, and Wilson’s.

Tuesday 9/7: Did BBN again without much of anything.