WIR 4/18-4/24

Wednesday 4/18: Flowed Meadow didn’t have a whole lot different.

Thursday 4/19: Nine species of butterfly at BBN, not much for birds.

Friday 4/20: Savannah Sparrow along the river walk.

Saturday 4/21: Mt. Auburn in the morning: Prairie Warbler, BH Vireo. Stopped at the duck ponds and added House Wren. Got home and saw a report of a Bonaparte’s Gull at Great Meadows. Ran over even though it was obviously long gone. Did finally get the raven and heard an interesting rail call. Also first Pearl Crescents of the year.

Prairie Warbler

Sunday 4/22: Added a county and city bird among other things.

Monday 4/23: 1 Bonaparte’s still(?) at the res, plus 2 Common Loons.

Tuesday 4/24: Not much at Prospect Hill (1 call from a towhee). Gate still closed…