WIR 4/25-5/1

Wednesday 4/25: Went to Beaver Brook before work, very little (had time to wander the marsh edges as well). Nothing at the duck ponds at lunch.

Thursday 4/26: Good butterfly show at BBN.

Friday 4/27: Back side of Prospect Hill. Windy and they were blasting on the Polaroid side, saw next to nothing.

Saturday 4/28: Led the BBC walk at Mt. Auburn. Too cold when we started, only a few warblers and 1 House Wren for highlights.

Sunday 4/29: Arlington Res: Bank Swallows, GW Teal, first Baltimore Oriole and Yellow Warbler of the year.

Out of place Green-wing


Joined the butterfly club walk to Arlington Great Meadows where we had Henry’s Elfin and then on to Fort Pond Brook where we added more Henry’s and some Frosted Elfins. Also lots of Springtime Darners, and a few Lancet Clubtails, a Beaverpond Baskettail, and a Dot-tailed Whiteface.



Beaverpond Baskettail


Monday 4/30: BBN: Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Henry’s Elfin.

Tuesday 5/1: En route to DSA meeting, more eventually.