WIR 6/6-6/12

Wednesday 6/6: Habitat survey was quiet again, BT Green still singing away.

Thursday 6/7: Rock Meadow survey finally had Orchard Oriole. Stopped at Lot 1 after, nothing much.

Friday 6/8: FOY Silver-spotted Skipper, Hobomok Skipper, and Wild Indigo Duskywing at Prospect Hill plus a Painted Skimmer and very few birds.

Saturday 6/9: Started at Ell Pond in Melrose, where the Bufflehead had disappeared. Pine Banks Park had Red-breasted Nuthatch and FOY Prince Baskettail and Slender Spreadwing. Heard the King Rail at Belle Isle, lots of eiderlings at Revere Beach. Calling YB Cuckoo was a surprise at Earhart.

Sunday 6/10: Minuteman survey, turkeys, Pileated, normal stuff. Probably shouldn’t have slept the rest of the day (see Tuesday).

Monday 6/11: Had to take the car in, managed a few minutes on Pelham Island Rd first (Green Heron among the expected stuff), then had some swallows and stuff at the auto body shop waiting for Enterprise.

Tuesday 6/12: Audubon’s Warbler had apparently left Mt. Auburn, which was pretty dead beyond another RB Nuthatch.